In our catalogue, we've chosen to group a wide range of networking equipment under the umbrella category of "Network Devices." This decision stems from a recognition of the increasingly multifunctional nature of networking hardware. Today's network devices often defy traditional categorisation, as they embody a blend of capabilities that span across what were once considered distinct types of equipment.

For instance, a modern 5G modem might not only provide broadband connectivity but also function as a WiFi access point, serving multiple roles within your network infrastructure. Similarly, a device marketed as a router might also include features typical of switches or access points. This convergence of functionalities makes it impractical to restrict each piece of equipment to a single, narrow category.

To navigate this complexity and provide a clearer understanding of each device's capabilities, we categorise network equipment into "Subtypes" such as Modems, Access Points, Wireless Bridges, Routers, and Switches. Each device in our Network Devices category is tagged with one or more of these subtypes, reflecting the diverse functions it supports. This approach allows you to easily find equipment based on the specific functionalities you need for your network, without being constrained by traditional, and often artificial, boundaries between device types.

Cambium PTP 550 connectorised 5GHz Point-to-Point wireless radio

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This section is a technical reference for 4G, 5G, and WiFi modules that are integrated into the modems listed in our system. Listing every module is a ...