We want to help the world build connections. In demonstrating our commitment to this cause we are developing a library of business intelligence resources for anyone to access and learn about technology.

Island from the sky - Nathan Anderson

Learn about telecommunications around the world. Powertec is compiling resources on companies, mobile networks, and regulatory information on countries not just within the Asia Pacific region but around the world.

The global telecommunications industry is predominantly regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialised agency of the United Nations. The ITU is tasked with facilitating international communication through the development of technical standards. The ITU ...

Telecommunications component circuit board - Johannes Plenio

This section is a general purpose company directory where you can find information and resources relating to well-known companies who develop and manufacture technologies, along with companies which operate and own telecommunications networks.

Telecommunications news releases - Javier Molina

The technology industry is evolving rapidly. Stay abreast of the latest changes with news and company announcements here.

We've collated a selection of articles and company press releases identified as notable developments of technologies and their deployments across the world. We are doing our best to expand the countries and companies in our database, however as a small team please be reminded that there may be delays and omissions in bring news to light.