0.047" Semi-Flexible coaxial cable is a formable, microwave grade with mode free operation to 109 GHz. The tin-soaked copper braid provides near 100% RF shielding and the malleable nature of the outer jacket eliminates solder joint failures and allows bends immediately behind the fillet. Standard 0.047" SF cables do not have a jacket/sheath, but most manufacturers provide a jacketed variation identifiable by its bright blue jacket.

Semi-flex cables are dimensionally and electrically similar to their semi-rigid counterparts and have a tinned-copper-braid outer shielding that provides RF shielding greater than 100 dB. The hand-formable cable assemblies do not require special tooling to shape or reshape the assemblies and can be formed more than once without damaging the outer conductor.

0.047 semi flexible RF cable with no jacket

RF Specification

Min. Frequency
0 GHz
Max. Frequency
109 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness
> 100 dB
95 pF/m
50 Ω
RF Operating Voltage
1500 Vrms

Frequency Test Data

Frequency Attenuation
1000 MHz
1.12 dB/m

Physical Specification

Min. Bend Radius Static
4 mm
Min. Bend Radius Dynamic
20 mm
Min. Operating Temperature
-55 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
125 °C

Cable Layers

Layer Diameter Materials
Inner Conductor
0.31 mm
0.94 mm
Outer Conductor
1.19 mm