L-100 coaxial cable is designed as a high performance drop-in replacement for RG-174 and RG-316. The double shielded outer conductor provides exceptional RF shielding exceeding 90 dB, and 2.79 mm overall diameter makes the cable type suitable for high frequency microwave applications up to 63 GHz, although rarely seen above 6 GHz.

With the rapid advancement of mobile technology L-100 has become essential in providing high frequency interconnections, becoming very popular as patch cable.

LMR-100 coaxial cable

RF Specification

Min. Frequency
0 GHz
Max. Frequency
63 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness
> 90 dB
101.1 pF/m
RF Operating Voltage
2000 Vrms
50 Ω
Attenuation Table
Frequency Attenuation Power (CW)
1000 MHz
0.78 dB/m

Physical Specification

Min. Bend Radius Static
6.4 mm
Min. Bend Radius Dynamic
25.4 mm
Min. Operating Temperature
-40 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
85 °C
Cable Layers
Layer Diameter Materials Notes
Inner Conductor
0.46 mm
1.52 mm
Outer Conductor
1.65 mm
Outer Conductor
2.11 mm
Outer Jacket
2.79 mm