RG-316 is a simple, low cost coaxial cable that can support high temperature operation. With a 2.50 mm outer diameter, RG-316 established itself as a higher performance replacement for RG-174. It is highly valued for its flexibility and resistance to heat, making it suitable for environments with high temperatures. However, due to its small diameter and single shielding layer, RG-316 has higher signal loss over distance compared to higher performance cables like L-100. This can pose a barrier to its use, particularly in higher frequency applications such as 5G. Additionally, its silver-plated copper wire, while providing excellent conductivity, can be more costly than other options.

RG-316 coaxial cable

RF Specification

Min. Frequency
0 GHz
Max. Frequency
3 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness
> 40 dB
96.45 pF/m
50 Ω
RF Operating Voltage
1200 Vrms

Frequency Test Data

Frequency Attenuation
1000 MHz
0.85 dB/m

Physical Specification

Min. Bend Radius Static
13 mm
Min. Operating Temperature
-55 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
200 °C
Weight (g/m)
15 g

Cable Layers

Layer Diameter Materials Notes
Inner Conductor
0.51 mm
7x0.175 mm Strand
1.52 mm
Outer Conductor
1.95 mm
Outer Jacket
2.50 mm