A1 Belarus, originally known as JV LLC Mobile digital communication, is the largest private telecom, ICT and content service provider operating in Belarus. The company began commercial operations on 16 April 1999, making it the first GSM carrier in the country. By the summer of 2000, all regional cities of Belarus had been connected to the network. In 2007, mobile communications became available to 100% of Belarus's urban population. Ownership of A1 Belarus transitioned to A1 Telekom Austria Group in November 2007, following the acquisition of 70% of shares. The remaining 30% of shares were acquired by the group in October 2010. The company underwent a rebranding campaign in May 2008, changing its name to Unitary enterprise velcom. It adopted the single brand A1 since 12 August 2019.

Unitary enterprise A1, Velcom
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