Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd., commonly known as Banglalink, is a telecommunications company based in Bangladesh with its headquarters in Dhaka. Initially known as Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd., the company was granted a license in 1989 to operate in the rural areas of 199 upazilas and began providing GSM services in 1998. In July 2004, Egypt-based company Orascom Telecom acquired Sheba Telecom for US$60 million, rebranding and relaunching it as Banglalink in February 2005. The company name underwent further alterations, changing to Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited in March 2008 and then to Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. in July 2013 following ownership restructuring in the parent company. Today, Banglalink is recognised as the third-largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh. Its growth has been substantial since its inception, with Banglalink surpassing the 10 million subscriber base landmark in August 2008. As of August 2021, the company boasts a robust subscriber base of 36.90 million, demonstrating its significant presence in the Bangladeshi telecommunications market.
Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd.
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Banglalink 3G Network

The company operates 2G GSM services over 900 and 1800 MHz bands, and launched 3G in October using B1 (2100 MHz) after the 2013 spectrum auction. HSPA+ was enabled from launch.

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    Banglalink 4G Network

    Following the finalisation of Bangladesh's February 2018 spectrum auction, Bangalink was awarded 2 × 5.6 MHz in the 1800 MHz band, and 2 x 5 MHz in the 2100 MHz band. Swiftly following the acquisition of its additional spectrum Bangalink launched a B3 (1800 MHz) 4G LTE service in February 2018.

    Banglalink acquired an additional 4.4 MHz of 1800 MHz spectrum and 5 MHz of 2100 MHz spectrum in the March 2021 BTRC spectrum auction, increasing its total spectrum holding from 30.6 MHz to 40 MHz. The company acquired 40 MHz of 2300 MHz spectrum in the March 2022 auction, doubling their total spectrum holdings.

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