Broadband Propagation designs and manufactures a broad range of antennas, supplying commercial, military, and scientific research organisations worldwide. The company has been in operation since 1990 and entered the antenna market with a number of original and ground breaking HF broadband antenna designs which offered HF users compact, efficient, light-weight, and durable antennas using materials not seen before in the market.

So successful are these designs that all Australian transceiver manufacturers including BARRETT and CODAN use and promote them as a major part of their antenna product range.

Broadband Propagation went on to develop (in it's own right) more products in the HF portable and man-pack arena, again introducing new materials with vastly greater strength and durability than existing designs. These companies have also adopted these designs as their preferred antennas.

In conjunction with this work Broadband Propagation evolved a long standing relationship with the Adelaide University Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics and ATRAD in their work on Atmospheric Radars (Wind Profilers), Meteor Detection Radars and Ionospheric Sounding Radars.

This has led the company to designing manufacturing and installing very large VHF antenna arrays in places such as Scotland (United Kingdom Met Office), China (Chinese National Space Administration) and for NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan) Other arrays we have built are installed all over the world from the Antarctica to Iceland.

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