Caribbean Cellular Telephone Ltd (CCT) was founded in 1986 as CCT Boatphone. Back then CCT was known for providing tourists with radio boat phones. Later rebranding to CCT Global Communications and expanding to mobile telecommunications, the company wouldn’t become 100% locally owned until April 21, 2013.

Caribbean Cellular Telephone Ltd
Network Operator
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CCT 4G Network

CCT launched 4G LTE services in July 2015 over B2 (1900 MHz) initially as a fixed service with mobility introduced October 2016. B8 (900 MHz) was later added to improve coverage. The company has been awarded spectrum in the 1700/2100 MHz AWS band, however as yet no services have been activated. CCT also hold significant spectrum in the 1900, 2500, and 3500 MHz bands, with the latter two bands partially used for fixed links.

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