Flow Antigua and Barbuda is a telecommunications provider operating in Antigua and Barbuda. It is a part of the Flow brand, a trade name of the Caribbean former telecommunications provider Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC). The Flow brand came into existence following CWC's acquisition of Columbus, and replaced the Lime brand in July 2015. The Flow brand also took over the United Telecommunications Service (UTS) brand in the Dutch and French Caribbean after acquiring it. The services offered by Flow Antigua and Barbuda under the Flow brand include cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services.
Cable & Wireless Antigua & Barbuda Ltd
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3G Network

As with most FLOW networks, FLOW Antigua and Barbuda has operated 3G HSPA+ services on B5 (850 MHz) since May 2014.

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    4G Network

    In November 2014 FLOW Antigua and Barbuda launched a B4 (1700 MHz) LTE network to provide 4G services to the island. There are conflicting reports that FLOW (LIME) launched a B17 (700 MHz) LTE network and not a B4 (1700 MHz) network. 

    C&W performed LTE Advanced Pro "Pre-5G" testing in Antigua in July 2017, demonstrating peak data rates of up to 800 Mbps. The company expects to commence rollout of LTE-A in the coming months.

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