Movicel, officially known as Movicel Telecomunicações S.A., is a telecommunications company operating in Angola. The company was established on July 1, 2003, as a subsidiary of the state-owned Angola Telecom. In 2010, a significant shift in the company's ownership structure occurred when 80% of its capital was sold to various private entities, namely Portmil - Investimentos e Telecomunicações, S.A., Modus Comunicar, S.A., Ipangue, S.A., Lambda Investment, and Novatel Wireless. The remaining 20% of the company's capital continues to be held by state-owned companies Angola Telecom and ENCTA. Movicel's headquarters are located in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. The company operates within the telecommunications industry, primarily offering GSM-based mobile communication services. This includes voice communications, text and multimedia messages, and mobile internet access. Movicel has an extensive coverage network, reaching all 18 provinces of Angola.
Movicel – Telecomunicações, S.A.
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3G Network

The company investigated refarming its 2G 900 MHz spectrum to deploy its B8 (900 MHz) UMTS network, which was confirmed as active in 2012.

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    Launch of 3G Network

    4G Network

    Despite the company's size, Movicel was first to market in Angola with their LTE service on B3 (1800 MHz) going live in April 2012.

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