Natcom is a telecommunications company operating in Haiti. It was established in September 2011 following a joint venture between Viettel, a Vietnamese telecom company, and the Haitian government. The company is 60% owned by Viettel, while the remaining 40% is held by the Haitian government. Natcom provides a range of telecommunications services, including fixed line, mobile, internet and fiber optic cable services. The company's establishment marked a significant milestone in Haiti's telecommunications sector, enhancing connectivity and providing increased access to telecom services for the Haitian population.
National Telecom S.A.
Network Operator
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3G Network

The company launched its mobile network in September 2011 which included 2G GSM over 900 MHz, and 3G UMTS over B1 (2100 MHz).

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    Launch of 3G Network

    4G Network

    While the country prepares for its upcoming 4G spectrum auction, regulator CONATEL awarded Natcom a trial licence to provide 4G LTE services, which are operated in limited areas over the B20 (800 MHz) band, capable of providing peak data rates of 100 Mbps.

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      Launch of 4G Network