Salaam Afghan Telecom, also known as Afghan Telecom (AfTel), is a telecommunications company operating in Afghanistan. Established under a 25-year license, AfTel provides fixed line, wireless voice and data services across the country. The company was initially a government-owned entity, but in 2005, it was spun off into a private organisation by the Afghan Ministry of Communications, which still maintains oversight and control. The company's leadership includes Ajmal Ayan, who took on the role of Director General and CEO in March 2018, and Mohammad Waris Fazli, who became Chief Information Officer in June 2018. In an effort to expand its market presence, AfTel acquired access to 60 to 70 mobile towers owned by Etisalat.
Afghan Telecom (AfTel)
Network Operator
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3G Network

Since inception Salaam has provided GSM services on the 900 and 1800 MHz bands, and 3G UMTS service on B1 (2100 MHz).

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