SETAR is a telecommunications company operating in Aruba. SETAR has been the backbone of Aruba's telecommunication infrastructure, providing a range of services including mobile, internet, and television services. The company operates as a government-owned entity under the direct control of the Aruban government. Setar is headquartered in Oranjestad.

The history of SETAR dates back to 1986 when Aruba acquired its Status Aparte in the Dutch Kingdom. Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba (SETAR) was established by merging the formerly called “Landsradio” and “Telefoondienst” (telegraph & telephone services of the Netherlands Antilles. SETAR maintained a monopoly on telecom services until privatisation of the company in 2003. The government of Aruba remained with an ownership of 100% of its shares.

Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba
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3G Network

In addition to GSM services on 900 and 1900 MHz bands, the company provided 3G HSPA services on B1 (2100 MHz) since December 2007 and HSPA+ since November 2011.

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    4G Network

    Through partnership with Alcatel-Lucent, Setar launched Aruba's first LTE network in 2013 on the B3 (1800 MHz) band.

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