Cambium's PTP 670 is the company's flagship 5 GHz point-to-point microwave radio capable of providing data throughputs up to 450 Mb/s.

The Connectorised PTP 670 finds it's place within Cambium's portfolio as the go-to unit for extreme long distance connectivity. Two N Female connectors provide connectivity to a range of 5 GHz high gain parabolic dish antennas up to 1.8 metres, to suit the required link distance. With HCMP the unit can be connected to a sector antenna to provide extremely high reliability multipoint connections for up to 8 remote nodes.

The unit can be set to use any channel size between 5 to 45 MHz within 4.9 to 6.05 GHz to achieve up to 452.2 Mb/s of L2 throughput using modulation up to 256QAM @ 0.81 CR with two spatial streams.

Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS) means the radio continually searches for the cleanest channels and moves band seamlessly, maximising performance and reliability.

With its Motorola legacy and metal enclosure it should be no surprise the unit boasts a working life (MTBF) of over 40 years. PTP 670 provides industrial grade performance with IP66 / IP67 ingress protection.

Telecommunications engineers call on PTP 670 when the job looks tough. Whether it's environmental extremes, ultra long range links, reflection and interference mitigation, PTP 670 is the best tool of its kind.

IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) provide for use in backhauling Private LTE networks.

Network Interfaces

Wireless Interfaces
Max. Throughput
450 Mb/s
Max. Clients
3 ms
Aggregate Channel Width
45 MHz
Transmit Power
27 dBm
Receive Sensitivity
-96.8 dBm
Wireless Bands Path Mode Start Frequency Stop Frequency MIMO Channel Width Modulation Max. Data Rate
4900 MHz
6050 MHz
45 MHz
450 Mb/s
RF Connections
RF Connector Function Quantity RF Interface
Wireless Link
Physical Interfaces
Interface Quantity Function Signalling PoE Input PoE Output
Data + PoE Input
Aux + PoE Output

Physical Specification

Min. Operating Temperature
-40 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
76 °C
Ingress Protection
> 350000 h
90 × 204 × 318 mm
3.1 kg
Cambium 4/8-Bolt Pattern
Power Specifications
Max. Consumption
30 W
Power Options
Power over Ethernet

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