RG-58 is a low cost coaxial cable designed for simple, low-power UHF-band applications. The cable's upper frequency limit of around 1 to 2 GHz makes it largely unsuitable for wireless technologies outside of traditional VHF and UHF communcations.

The cable is characterised by its flexibility and small size, making it suitable for applications where space is limited. However, its small size also means it has a higher loss per unit length compared to larger cables, which can limit its use in long-distance applications. RG-58 is not ideal for high-frequency applications due to its limited maximum operating frequency. As such, while RG-58 is a cost-effective and versatile option for short-distance, low-frequency applications, it is often not the best choice for high-frequency or long-distance uses.

RG58 coaxial cable

RF Specification

Min. Frequency
0 GHz
Max. Frequency
1.8 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness
> 70 dB
101.05 pF/m
50 Ω

Frequency Test Data

Frequency Attenuation
1000 MHz
0.5000 dB/m

Physical Specification

Min. Bend Radius Static
25 mm
Min. Operating Temperature
-25 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
70 °C
Weight (g/m)
39 g

Cable Layers

Layer Diameter Materials Notes
Inner Conductor
0.90 mm
19x0.18 mm Strand
2.95 mm
Outer Conductor
3.50 mm
Outer Jacket
4.96 mm