Essential for capturing and transmitting telecommunications signals across various frequencies and applications. Improve signal quality and strength with the right antenna.

The antenna can be considered the most fundamental part of any radio frequency system. An antenna is defined to be any device that serves as a transducer between a guided wave (e.g., coaxial cable) and a free space wave, and vice versa. It may be more simply defined as any device designed to radiate or receive electromagnetic waves.

As the world seeks faster, longer range, and reliable networks, more is demanded from the RF components which underpin the technology. Within the last decade the telecommunications industry has seen a rapid evolution from simple antenna designs, to extraordinarily complex multi-polarised and multi-port antennas.

Powertec brings together a portfolio of world-class antennas that sit on the efficient-frontier, combining best-in-class OEM designs with trusted brands including CommScope, Huber+Suhner, Mobile Mark, and more. Your team can deploy networks with the confidence that comes from using high quality equipment backed by a reliable engineering partner.

3D model of a small sector antenna

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