Sometimes referred to as the jack, the Female SMA RF connector possesses a centre receptacle instead of a pin, and an outer shell with external threading. This design is precisely structured to mate with the Male SMA connector.

Compatible With
SMA Female RF connector socket

The centre receptacle of the female connector is integral to the transmission of the RF signal. Manufactured from high-conductivity materials like gold-plated beryllium copper, the receptacle is engineered to ensure an optimally reliable electrical connection. The receptacle is designed with precise dimensions to ensure a secure fit with the male pin and minimise any signal loss during transmission.

The outer shell is typically manufactured from brass or beryllium-copper and acts as the return path. It provides mechanical security where the threaded interface assures a sturdy, resilient connection. It also provides for electrical grounding and the provision of a shield against any potential external electromagnetic interference, thereby ensuring the integrity of the transmitted RF signal.

The external threading on the female SMA RF connector is what enables it to couple securely with the male connector. This robust design can withstand repeated connection and disconnection cycles with minimal performance degradation. However, it's crucial to ensure proper mating to avoid cross-threading that could damage the connector and compromise the RF signal's quality.