The Male SMA RF connector, sometimes referred to as the plug, is distinguished by a centre pin and an outer shell with internal threading. This design allows it to mate with the female connector, or jack, which features a corresponding receptacle and outer shell with external threading.

Compatible With
SMA Male Coaxial Connector RF Interface

The centre pin of the male connector serves as the primary conductor for the RF signal. It is usually made of a high-conductivity material like gold-plated beryllium copper to ensure a reliable electrical connection. The pin is machined to precise dimensions, often to tolerances of a few micrometres, to ensure a secure fit and minimal signal loss when mated with the female connector.

The outer shell of the male connector is a vital component that serves a dual purpose. It is typically manufactured from brass with a gold plating and mechanically secures the connection by means of the threaded interface, ensuring a reliable, robust connection. The shell also provides electrical grounding and shielding against external electromagnetic interference, preserving the integrity of the RF signal.

The internal threading of the male SMA RF connector is another distinguishing feature. This threaded screw-on design, as opposed to push-on or snap-on found on some other connector types, provides the robustness necessary for repeated connection and disconnection cycles without significant degradation of performance. However, one must take care when mating these connectors to avoid cross-threading, which could damage the connector and compromise the RF signal. The connector should only ever be hand tightened, or tightened with a torque spanner per manufacturer instructions.