RF Passives are a group of unpowered components used to build complex wireless transmission systems. These devices manipulate the transmission in some manner. They may divide, combine, couple, tap, block, attenuate, or filter the signal that passes through.

RF Passive Components represent a crucial part of In-Building Coverage/Distributed Antenna Systems (IBC/DAS). These components do not require external power to operate and are used to manipulate radio frequency (RF) signals in various ways. In an IBC/DAS, RF Passive Components help distribute signals throughout a building or a specific area. These components include splitters, couplers, attenuators, terminators, filters, and combiners. Splitters and combiners are used to divide and merge signals. Couplers help distribute signals between antennas. Attenuators decrease signal power to prevent damage to other components, while terminators prevent signal reflection. Filters are used to eliminate unwanted frequencies.

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