Djezzy, known in Arabic as جازي, is a predominant mobile network operator in Algeria. The company was officially launched on 15 February 2002 after acquiring Algeria's second GSM license in July 2001. Djezzy was initially a subsidiary of the Egyptian company Global Telecom Holding, which itself is a subsidiary of VEON. However, the company underwent significant changes in its ownership structure. In January 2015, Algeria's National Investment Fund (FNI) gained control of 51% of the company's capital, while Global Telecom Holding retained management responsibilities. The shift in ownership culminated in 2022 when VEON sold its remaining 45.57% stake in Djezzy to the FNI for $682 million, rendering the Algerian state as the sole owner of the company. Djezzy provides extensive coverage across Algeria, reaching 95% of the population and offering 3G services in all 48 wilayas. In 2016, the company launched its 4G services in 20 wilayas with a commitment to cover over 50% of the population by 2021. As part of its corporate mission, Djezzy is undergoing a transformation to become the leading digital operator in Algeria. Despite its market dominance, Djezzy faces competition from two other operators, the government-owned Mobilis and privately-owned Ooredoo Algeria.

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3G Network

Djezzy covers 95% of the population across the national territory and its 3G HSPA+ services have been deployed in the 48 wilayas since July 2014.

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    4G Network

    Djezzy launched its 4G LTE B3 (1800 MHz) services on 1 October 2016 in 20 wilayas and committed to covering more than 50% of the population by 2021. By 2018 the company's 1800 MHz licence was extended to support a 20 MHz channel.

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