Algeria's telecommunications landscape presents unique challenges due to the country's extensive geographical diversity and uneven population distribution. The vast Sahara Desert, which covers some 90% of the nation, alongside its rugged Atlas mountain ranges, pose significant difficulties to infrastructure development. Nonetheless, Algeria has been proactive in overcoming these obstacles, focusing efforts on improving coverage in remote areas. The country's telecommunication sector has leveraged satellite technology to extend telecommunications services into the Sahara. Government and the private sector have invested heavily in 4G networks, which now cover most populated areas, despite the vastness and challenging topography of the nation.

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Autorite de Regulation de la Poste et des Communications Electroniques ARPCE
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Mobile Network Operators

The are 3 companies operating mobile networks in this region.

Djezzy Logo

Djezzy, known in Arabic as جازي, is a predominant mobile network operator in Algeria. The company was officially launched on 15 February 2002 after acquiring Algeria's second GSM license in July 2001. Djezzy was initially a subsidiary of the Egyptian company Global Telecom Holding, which itself is a subsidiary of VEON. However, the company underwent significant changes in its ownership structure. In January 2015, Algeria's National Investment Fund (FNI) gained control of 51% of the company's capital, while Global Telecom Holding retained management responsibilities. The shift in ownership...

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Mobilis is a telecommunications company based in Algeria. It was established in 1999 by Algérie Télécom, the state-owned telecommunications provider in Algeria.

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Ooredoo Algeria is a subsidiary of the Qatari multinational telecommunications company, Ooredoo QSC, which is headquartered in Doha. The parent company, Ooredoo, was founded in 1987 and provides a range of telecommunication services including mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services. It has a significant market share in both domestic and international telecommunication markets, serving business and residential customers. Ooredoo operates in ten countries and territories across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, including Algeria. The company's shares are publicly...
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