MTN Cameroon is a subsidiary of the South African-based multinational corporation, MTN Group Limited. The parent company was initially established as M-Cell in 1994 with the aid of the South African government. MTN Cameroon, as part of this multinational network, provides telecommunications services within the country of Cameroon. The ownership of the MTN Group has seen various changes over the years. In 2001, it was reported that the controlling shareholder was Johnnic Holdings. However, in 2012, the South African holding company Shanduka Group acquired a minority stake in the MTN Group's Nigeria business. As of the most recent reports, the MTN Group remains the primary stakeholder of MTN Cameroon.
MTN Cameroon Ltd
Network Operator
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3G Network

The company launched its 3G network in December 2015 over the B1 (2100 MHz) band.

    Network Frequency Band Status Known UARFCNs
    Date Event Subtype
    Launch of 3G Network

    4G Network

    In December 2015 the company launched 4G LTE services over the B41 (2500 MHz) band

      4G Frequency Bands
      Network Frequency Band Max. Channel Bandwidth Status Known EARFCNs
      Date Event Subtype
      Launch of 4G Network