The Dominican Republic, located in the Caribbean region, is a geographically diverse nation comprising mountains, plains, and coastal areas. With a population of around 11.1 million, the majority of people reside in urban areas, particularly in the capital, Santo Domingo. The country's topography and population distribution pose unique challenges to the development of infrastructure and technology. While the country has made significant strides in telecommunications, with internet penetration exceeding 85%, there remain areas especially in the mountainous regions where connectivity is limited or non-existent. In terms of renewables, the country has made notable progress in harnessing wind and solar energy, with the Montecristi and Girasol solar facilities being prime examples. Nonetheless, the Dominican Republic still primarily relies on fossil fuels for power generation, which creates an opportunity for further development and investment in renewable technologies. The country has also embarked on several smart city initiatives, particularly in Santo Domingo, to leverage technology to improve urban services and infrastructure.

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Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones INDOTEL
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Mobile Network Operators

The are 3 companies operating mobile networks in this region.

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Altice Dominicana, S.A., is a telecommunications company operating in the Dominican Republic. It was initially established as San Isidro Teleport in 1988 by Zona Franca de San Isidro, later renamed as Tricom. In 1990, the company secured an agreement with the Dominican Republic to offer national communications services. The company as known today was formed in 2017 following the merger of two Dominican mobile network operators Tricom and Orange Dominicana, following a parallel acquisition of the two companies by Netherlands-based Altice Group from Hispaniola Telecom and Orange Group...

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Claro Dominican Republic, originally known as CODETEL, is the leading telecommunications company in the Dominican Republic. The company was established in 1932 as a subsidiary of the U.S. firm General Telephone & Electric Corporation, after the Dominican government granted an exclusive franchise for telecommunications services to the Anglo Canadian Telephone Company in 1930. CODETEL held a near monopoly until the mid-1990s when competition began to emerge. In 2000, the company became a subsidiary of Verizon, a new entity formed by the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE. In 2006, Verizon sold...
Viva Dominicana

Viva Dominicana, also known as Trilogy Dominicana, is a mobile network operator based in the Dominican Republic. Originally established in 1883 as All America Cables & Radio Dominican Republic, a subsidiary of ITT, it was the first telecommunications company in the country to provide telegraph services to the Antilles. In 2000, Centennial Communications acquired a 70% stake in the company, leading to its rebranding as Centennial Dominicana. In 2006, Centennial Communications sold 100% of its Dominican operations to Trilogy International Partners for US$80M. The company was subsequently renamed...