The AL340 Temporary Tower System is a unique quick-deployed solution for telecommunications applications. This system is designed to meet the need for a low cost and quick solution for temporary and semi-permanent mining and construction operations. The tower is fully engineered and while it has a hinging design it also comfortably supports tower climbing.

Able to be set up in about an hour or two with a team of two, this tripod tower allows instant communications anywhere - no footing required. The bolt-together design means easy shipment to site, and the included winch allows raising and lowering of the tower eliminating the need for tower climbs.

This rapid-deployable lattice tower consists of three bolt-together heavy duty galvanised outriggers, a 1.0 metre galvanised base, four 3.1 metre lattice sections, levelling jacks, gin-pole assembly, and guy wire kit.

APAC's AL340 aluminium lattice modules feature three upright columns made from 50x4 CHS with 32x3 CHS lattice welded in between by certified boom welders, providing incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design. The three hinge feet are machined from 76.2 mm solid billet 6005 T5 aluminium, providing unmatched strength with precision machining ensuring perfectly distributed load across bolts and galvanised receptacle.

Capable of mounting a range of lighting, CCTV, time-lapse cameras, sensors, and industrial monitoring equipment, this serviceable mast is incredibly popular in mining and construction where climbing structures can present a safety concern, eliminating the need for an elevated work platform or a certified tower rescue team to perform even simple adjustments.

Physical Specification

290 kg
9,940 × 9,940 × 14,000 mm
Extended Height
14 m
Manual Locking
Deployment Time
120 min
Lifting Mechanism
Lifting Time
< 5 min

Available Interfaces

Quantity Mounting Details
Pole 50 mm ⌀
For ordinary equipment, 12.4 m of attachable height
AL340 Bolt Pattern
For attaching additional AL340 series modules/headframes
AL340 Triangular Uprights
For attaching AL340-specific brackets


Quantity Name Materials Material Finish
1 m Welded Base Structure, 75x3 RHS Legs, 40x3 RHS Web Members
1.4 m Tripod Leg Frame Extension Sections
2.8 m Tripod Leg Frames
Levelling Jack, 1500 kg Rated
Pulley Block
Winch Assembly
Guy Wire Kit 6 mm, Class 7x19
Gin Pole Assembly

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