Powertec have developed a rapid-deployable cellular communications platform that provides mobile phone and data coverage within minutes of setup. The system uses Cel-Fi repeater technology to broadcast Telstra/Optus/Vodafone 4G service throughout the immediate surrounding area (up to 400 m, 90° arc). A range of technology options are available, with WiFi, CCTV, Starlink bolt-on kits available on request. The trailer can be deployed as a managed service with GPS tracking, remote steerable antennas also available.

Operation is simple and effective; the 6-section retractable mast is extended using the electric winch's remote control. A toggle switch is used to rotate the top antenna to point towards the best serving base station (obtained through Powertec's NCM). The Service Antenna, positioned in the middle of the mast, can be manually rotated to the direction in which coverage is required.

The system is based off APAC's industry-leading AMT platform, a modular, fully reconfigurable trailer manufactured from structural aluminium.

The enclosure is manufactured from stainless steel, including stainless steel vents and sunshields. Through partnership with leading Queensland painting facilities, the trailer system can be painted to your specific requirement including to MIL-STD and NATO/STANAG standards, such as Olive Drab, Desert Tan, and NATO Green colour schemes.

Physical Specification

750 kg
4,500 × 2,500 × 2,670 mm
APAC AMT Alloy Modular Trailer, Single-Axle, Base Chassis
AP-AMT-SA AMT Single Axle Alloy Trailer chassis only
No. Axles
Trailer Coupling
50 mm Ball Hitch
Braking System
Mechanical Brakes
Running Clearance
600 mm
Deck Height
850 mm
Trailer Connector
7-Pin Flat
Leaf Spring
Electric Winch-Up Mast 1.8m Retracted, 7.8m Extended, 50kg Payload, Electric Rotator, 1x Cat6 1x PTL-240 Spiral Cable
Cable Winch-Up Telescoping Mast, Electric Winch, 6-Section, 2-Cables
Retracted Height
1.8 m
Max. Payload
50 kg
No. Sections
Lifting Mechanism
Extended Height
7.8 m
Lifting Time
< 2 min

Powertec is a wireless technology manufacturer and systems integrator based in Australia. Operating since 1995, Powertec has grown to become the leading wireless technology distributor in its region, and a leading Infratech systems developer. Supporting over 1500 partners the company provides procurement, design, project management, and support services across Australia, New Zealand, Pacific ...