EnduraGain® OSP Armored is an extremely tough category 5e Ethernet cable designed to operate in a wide range of industrial environments. The outdoor-rated cable is fully weatherproof, resistant to oils, and protected by two PE jackets separated by a corrugated Copper-Clad Steel armouring.

The cable consists of four balanced twisted pairs surrounded by Superior Essex PFM™ gel that does not drip or flow, even in cell tower applications at elevated temperatures.

The jacketed core is covered with dry block and a corrugated, copper-clad steel armour providing exceptional Alien Crosstalk (AXT) performance. The outer jacket is an OSP-grade black polyethylene for superior sunlight and abrasion resistance. This armoured design is suitable for the following deployments: duct, underground conduit, tower, lashed aerial, direct burial or open trench.

Superior's EnduraGain OSP Armoured cables are recommended by leading packet microwave radio vendors due to their extreme environmental handling and ability to be installed with direct burial in soil or concrete without the requirement for conduit, and hauled up communications towers without damage or dripping of waterproofing gel.

Physical Specification

28 kg
304 m
Ethernet Category
Environmental Suitability
Aerial Use, Chemical Resistant, Direct Burial, Indoor Use, Oil Resistant, Outdoor Use, UV-Resistant
Min. Operating Temperature
-40 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
75 °C
Weight (g/m)
89 g
Cable Layers
Layer Diameter Materials
Waterproofing Gel
Inner Conductor
0.51 mm
Conductor Insulation
Inner Jacket
Outer Jacket
9.10 mm

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