Cambium's PMP 450 connectorised access point requires high performance sector antennas to achieve its headline throughputs.

Cambium offer two MIMO sector antennas that have been designed for seamless installation alongside the PMP 450 AP. The two models have the same peak gain but offer 60° and 90° azimuth beamwidths to meet the two most commonly required coverage footprints and ABAB / ABCABC frequency allocations.

The 5 GHz Access Point 60 and 90 degree sector antennas are specifically designed for use with the 5 GHz PMP 450 platform of products. As a result of their consistent front-to-back ratio in combination with power control and high gain, these antennas deliver optimised performance, including maximised spectral efficiency and easy installation.

RF Specification

Start Frequency
5400 MHz
Stop Frequency
6000 MHz
Max. Input Power
30 W
Input Impedance
50 Ω
RF Connectors
Ports RF Interface Body Shape
Frequency Test Data
Start Freq. Stop Freq. Peak Gain VSWR Azimuth Elevation F/B Ratio Inter-Port Iso. Cross-Polar Iso.
5400 MHz
6000 MHz
17 dBi
< 1.5:1
> 32 dB
> 33 dB
> 28 dB
Polar Patterns
Start Frequency
5400 MHz
Stop Frequency
6000 MHz

Physical Specification

Input Ports
Min. Operating Temperature
-40 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
60 °C
146 × 64 × 570 mm
Pole Clamp 38 to 114 mm ⌀
6.6 kg

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