The MA251 Sentinel 2-in-1 adhesive mount 4G 2x2 LTE MIMO antenna is an omnidirectional, fully IP67 waterproof external IoT/M2M antenna for use in telematics, transportation and remote monitoring applications worldwide. It is designed to be mounted directly on glass or plastic in the interior of vehicles.

It is the smallest high performance solution in the market, 50% smaller than the previous generation, with higher efficiency and wider bandwidth to cover emerging LTE bands. Its performance is comparable with much larger permanent roof mount antennas and now offers a convenient and economical alternative in-cabin mounting solution.

It is mounted via high quality, first tier automotive approved, 3M adhesive. In-house world leading dielectric ceramic antenna technology inside allows for smaller size antennas without loss in efficiency. It delivers powerful 2x2 MIMO antenna technology for worldwide 4G LTE bands between 700 and 2600 MHz, while allowing fallback to all common worldwide 3G and 2G frequency bands.

4G wireless applications demand high speed data uplink and downlink. High efficiency and high gain MIMO antennas are necessary to achieve the required signal to noise ratio and throughput required to solve these challenges. Taoglas also takes care to have high isolation between the two MIMO antennas to prevent self-interference. Low loss cables are used to keep efficiency high over long cable lengths.

  • Smallest high performance MIMO antenna
  • 4G LTE 2x2 MIMO
  • IP67 ingress protected
  • Wideband covering all 3G and 4G bands from 698 to 2700 MHz
  • 2 metre CFD-200 cables with SMA Male straight connectors
  • Fully customisable cable lengths and connectors

RF Specification

Start Frequency
698 MHz
Stop Frequency
2690 MHz
Max. Input Power
5 W
Input Impedance
50 Ω
RF Connectors
Ports RF Interface Body Shape Cable Series Length
2,000 mm
Frequency Test Data
Start Freq. Stop Freq. Peak Gain VSWR Avg. Gain Efficiency Inter-Port Iso.
698 MHz
803 MHz
0.7 dBi
< 3.5:1
-4.3 dBi
> 10 dB
824 MHz
894 MHz
1.3 dBi
< 3.5:1
-2.8 dBi
> 10 dB
880 MHz
960 MHz
2.1 dBi
< 3.5:1
-2.8 dBi
> 10 dB
1710 MHz
1880 MHz
3.8 dBi
< 3.5:1
-2.6 dBi
> 20 dB
1850 MHz
1990 MHz
3.8 dBi
< 3.5:1
-2.1 dBi
> 20 dB
1920 MHz
2170 MHz
3.4 dBi
< 3.5:1
-2.7 dBi
> 20 dB
2490 MHz
2690 MHz
3.1 dBi
< 3.5:1
-3.5 dBi
> 20 dB
3D Patterns

Physical Specification

Input Ports
Min. Operating Temperature
-40 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
85 °C
76 × 139 × 14 mm
Ingress Protection
235 g

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