Albania, a Southeastern European country with mountainous terrain and large rural populations, presents unique challenges in the telecommunications sphere. The country's geographical layout, with its highly dispersed population and difficult terrains, poses substantial obstacles to developing an encompassing and efficient telecommunications network. However, significant strides have been made in recent years to overcome these issues. Notably, the Albanian government and telecommunications companies have focused on advancing mobile telephony and internet services, bypassing the traditional wireline infrastructure. The implementation of 4G and 5G services in urban areas, as well as ongoing work to extend these services to rural areas, exemplifies these innovative solutions. Despite these strides, there are still areas, especially in Northern Albania, where the network coverage remains subpar. The Albanian telecommunication sector, therefore, continues to face the dual task of enhancing its network in challenging regions and maintaining its pace with the latest global technological advances.

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Autoritetit Te Komunikimeve Elektronike Dhe Postare AKEP
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Mobile Network Operators

The are 2 companies operating mobile networks in this region.

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One Albania sh.a is a telecommunications company operating in Albania. It was initially founded as Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) in November 1995 and began commercial operations in May 1996, making it the first mobile operator in the country. The company was privatised in August 2000, with Cosmote acquiring 85% of AMC's capital share. In 2015, the company joined the Deutsche Telekom group and was rebranded as Telekom Albania. The company's name of registration changed from Telekom Albania to One Communication in September 2020, marking the transition to a new brand. In January 2023...

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Vodafone Albania is a prominent telecommunications company headquartered in Tirana, Albania. It is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc, a multinational telecommunications corporation. The company was established in 2001, marking Vodafone Group Plc's entry into the Albanian market. As part of the global Vodafone brand, Vodafone Albania shares the group's ownership structure, being fully owned by Vodafone Group Plc. The company provides a range of telecommunications services within Albania, adhering to the operational standards and strategic direction set by its parent company.
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