SMA Male to SMA Female adapters are designed to eliminate the need for bending a coaxial cable or antenna to connect into the back of a device.

This can help connect an RF cable to the device in tight spaces or enclosures where a large cable bend radius would be problematic. This adapter has been sourced to provide extended performance to 6 GHz, permitting operation on 5G FR1 bands along with 5 GHz wireless.

A right angled SMA coaxial adapter is a device used to connect two devices that have different types of SMA connectors, with the added feature of a right angle bend between the connectors. SMA stands for SubMiniature version A and is a type of coaxial RF connector commonly used in the telecommunications and networking industries. The SMA connector has a center pin and a threaded outer shell, and it is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between RF devices such as antennas, cables, and RF connectors.

The right angled SMA adapter is useful in situations where space is limited and the standard straight SMA connector is not able to fit. The right angle bend allows the connector to be positioned at a 90 degree angle to the device, allowing for a more compact connection. The adapter consists of a Male SMA connector on one end and a Female SMA connector on the other end and is manufactured from high quality brass with a gold plating.

RF Connector Interface

RF Specification

Start Frequency
0 GHz
Stop Frequency
6 GHz
Peak Power
5.00 kW
RF Operating Voltage
≤ 500 Vrms
Input Impedance
50 Ω
Inner Contact Resistance
≤ 1 mΩ
Insulation Resistance
≥ 5000 mΩ
Outer Contact Resistance
≤ 1 mΩ
VSWR Measurement
Frequency VSWR
6000 MHz
≤ 1.35:1

Physical Specification

Body Material
Body Plating
Insulator Material
16.5 × 15 × 7.8 mm
8.4 g
Contact Material
Contact Plating
Min. Operating Temperature
-65 °C
Max. Operating Temperature
165 °C
Mating Cycles
> 500
AD-SA2SA1-RA CAD Drawing

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